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Our Philosophy

A home away from home. That was our vision when we began supplying accommodation 35 years ago, and it remains so today.

It’s what’s helped thousands of students feel right at home while spreading their wings.

And it’s what sets us apart from our competitors. We’re not interested in extortionate charges for tiny rooms. Or in delivering substandard services. Because we know students and their families need value for money.

So that’s what we offer.

It’s why we put equal emphasis on quality furnishings, amenities, security and on-site leisure. And it’s why we manage all sites to ANUK standards – ensuring safety and satisfaction.

The result? An unbeatable setting for the best years of your life.

Call 0208 672 7722 to find your home away from home.


We put serious thought into selecting Living Quarters locations – to offer the ideal combination of modern London living, an easy commute, and affordable rent.

And we pride ourselves on our self-sufficiency; we directly employ our own chartered surveyors, architects, facility technicians, chartered accountants, engineers, maintenance staff, hospitality staff, cleaners, and gardeners.

It means we have total control over what happens in every Living Quarters location – which means better service for our residents.

Our friendly and experienced staff are always happy to help. With multiple premises available across London, they can recommend the perfect location for your needs.

Whatever your living requirements, we’ll set you on the right course – so you can focus on yours.


The name is new. But we’re no freshers.

Living Quarters is a new name for the part of Rooms and Studios that looks after student accommodation.

Both Rooms and Studios and Living Quarters are proud to be part of Interland Group, a property investment and development group that have successfully orchestrated various UK and European projects over the last 35+ years.

Over the years, Interland Group’s portfolio has grown substantially but their motto has stayed the same: to provide accommodation at great value, offering unparalleled comfort.

Our lovely Furzedown Hall and Cedar Hall properties previously sat under the Rooms and Studios brand. Now, it’s time for them to fly the nest as the Living Quarters.

Questions? Call 0208 672 7722

Living Quarters

Living Quarters